Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Made it to Sao Paulo!

After a fabulous week with my sister, Janet, in Florida, I got on a red-eye to Sao Paulo Tuesday evening.  All went well although I didn't really sleep much on the 8 hour flight. I sat next to a tall, hansome, stud Brasilian - about the size of Jose Canseco but much more gorgeous.  He didn't speak any English, so I couldn't talk to him.  He filled up the seat to the brim, and when he dozed off, his long legs were everywhere - so I sat upright dreading fallig asleep in case I flopped over on him. I think I may have slept an hour total!!

Clo picked me up at the airport; Arthur is in Montreal on business.  He is then going to New York City and won't be back until Sunday morning!  At noon, Clo and I drove over to the kid's Montessori school. It's called "Pueri Domus" which means "The Children's House" which is exactly what Maria Montessori called the little school she started over a century ago in Italy.  The school is wonderful with a vibrant, happy energy, and I loved seeing it.  But seeing my grandsons was the biggest thrill.

First Matthew (Or Mateo as he is called because the Portuguese can't pronounce "TH") came running out of his classroom with a picture he had made for me!  He was so cute.

Next came Nicky with a big smile on his face as he toted his cool wheelie backpack.

He was soon joined by Timothy (or Timotay as he is called) and the trio was complete!

They were so cute in their little uniforms, and I can't tell you how excited I was to see them.  All three have grown so since I last saw them over two years ago!!

We came home for lunch- the main meal of the day which had been prepared by Nissei a lovely woman who helps Clo and Arthur with the kids and the house.  
This is a picture of the boys three backpacks lined up!

We had a great afternoon- of course I was laden with gifts which I intend to dole out over the time I am here.  We played bingo, and read a story before Nicky and Tim ha to get to their homework.  Timmy had to help with Nicky's because of course I was useless with directions in Portuguese.  After homework we decided to go outside.  There is a wonderful play area on the first floor of their apartment building.

It has an indoor room with games and a huge blackboard.  I hope to go today to find some big chalk so we can have some fun drawing and playing  games on it.  

Then there is also a wonderful outdoor area with a house and slide and a huge assortment of bikes and cars and tricycles for the boys to ride around.   Matthew is quite the little racer- he's unstoppable when he gets going.  Timmy likes to be timed to see how fast he can make one lap around the building.

We played a game where I called out different situations and the boys acted them out.  This picture was taken when I said, "Your Mom & Dad have just told you that you can have a puppy!!"

 This is Nicholas who is responding to, "Show me what you'd look like if you weren't sure of where you were."
Matthew is a rascal and wants to get in to everything.  He found my camera and came out with it.  After I made him ask me for permission, and getting a promise from him to use it very carefully, I gave it to him.  He knew exactly how to turn it on and this is the resulting picture that he took of his Mom and me!

We had a great first day.  Matthew fell asleep on the floor around 7:00. Nicholas and Tim were in bed around 8:00 and NanNan followed soon afterwards.  

It is now Monday morning.  Clo has just left with the kids to take them to school; then she will go on to work.  I am going to try to write a blog each morning that the kids are in school- It's a lovely quiet time for me.  There is also a Starbucks not far away that I can walk to for my latte.  The boys return around 1:00.  I wonder what adventures we will have today!!


Emmy said...

Grat commntary and loved those pictures--always a huge family resembalance...Have a great trip.EMMY

Essie said...

I read your blog to my friend who is visiting and we both had the same reaction: we think we would have made a point of 'flopping over' onto your gorgeous Brazilian seat mate!

The boys are so handsome/cute. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful month, full of adventures big and small. xo

Meg said...

Your blogs are marvelous, Nancy! Your grandkids are SO lucky to have you as their NanNan. Thanks for sharing your Brazilian adventures! I love the way you are teaching them at the same time you are playing with them--always the teacher!! (But I must say I am missing your expert hand at our Scrabble game...)
Time with your grand children is so precious--so enjoy it while you can!! Meg