Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Week

We were very busy on my first weekend here.  On Saturday, we had to go to the grocery store to replenish supplies.  These three active little boys can put away a lot of juice, yoghurt, and fruit in a day.

  After bringing the groceries back,  we decided to go see Rio- the new animated movie that actually just opened here in Brazil and won't open in the States until next week.  The movie theater was at a huge gigantic mall, and we were planning on going to lunch first.  However, it is a bit like herding cats in the dark around here, and we didn't get to the theater until just before 2:00 - so we grabbed some popcorn and coke and saw the movie and then had lunch afterwards.

I am beginning to get a real feel for just how expensive it is to live in Sao Paulo.  I had a hamburger at a restaurant at the mall which was 26 Reals which is about $20.00.  The day before, Nicky had put my dark glasses on and was doing a crazy dance when they flew off his face, hit the floor and broke.  There was a kiosk in the mall that was selling sun glasses- great!  (I had bought mine at the Westfield shopping center at a kiosk.  They were $15.00 a piece or two for $20.00.)  So Clo picked me out a very cool pair- I said, "Ta Bon!"  but when I asked how much the young girl said $125 Reals which was just under $100.00!!!!  At a kiosk in a mall!!  Egads!!  Clo told me that many Brazilians actuall fly to Miami, so all the clothes shopping for their kids and fly back home and actually SAVE money!  I can now understand that!

Getting back home, I went outside with the boys to give Clo a little time to herself. We packed up a backpack full of matchbox cars. (Timmy & Nicholas collect them and have drawer-fulls!)

Then we took the loaded backpack down to the play yard and each boy took turns sliding each car down the slide to see which car would go the farthest.  They each took turns; it was a very engaging activity, and it kept everyone happy for a very long time!!  It was about 5:00 on a Saturday evening, and I was amazed at how crowded with children and adults the little back area was.  Clo says there are a lot of children in their building.

 Speaking of their building, here is a picture of it. They live on the second floor of a twenty floor building.  There is a small room where a guard is on duty 24 hours a day.  When you drive up to the garage gate, the guard identifies you, then opens the first gate. You drive your car in, and the first gate is closed before the second gate is opened and you drive down to the parking garage. 
The same thing holds true for pedestrians. There are double gates that the guard opens for you if he recognizes that you live in that building.  Here is a picture of Matthew looking out the window of Tim's room.  All the windows have a mesh netting on them, so the kids can open the windows and look out.  Matthew's favorite thing of all is the garbage truck.  Whenever he hears it coming, he rushes to the window and yells at the garbage men who know him, and they all wave and shout back at him.  It's quite an amazing thing!

The big event on Sunday was going to the airport to pick up Arthur who had been away on business. It was great to see him.

He had to meet two guys from Sungard who had just arrived from NYC, so we all went to a fabulous restaurant with an amazing buffet.  It was only about five blocks from the house, so we could easily walk. 

This is a picture that Nicky took of Mom and Dad arriving home.
 I also wanted you to see the great sign that Timmy made for me and put on the front door to welcome me back!  Isn't that great?

Well, it's Monday morning- Here are Tim and Nick getting on the elevator to go to school.  NanNan is just finishing up her blog and will get ready to go exploring around the neighborhood before stopping off at Starbucks for her morning latte.  The boys return from school at 1:00.  Tune in tomorrow for the next update from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

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sfeanes said...

I'm awfully glad to hear about your weekend. Loving your diary, and especially the photos. Also thinking that if you fall on hard times you could become a professional nanny. You are as creative and child-centered as ever, dear former Camp Director.

Took my friend to the Japanese Tea Garden last week. It was wonderful. I've always remembered that was one of the places you took me on my first visit.

XXOO to all.