Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Static and the Dynamic

Some things remain the same:  amazing meals, gorgeous weather, afternoon pool time...  but there is a constant change of discussions depending upon the comings and goings of the various guests.  The couple who just arrived had taken a week long cruise around the Sea of Cortez before coming to Cuernavaca and their tales have made me want to put that trip on my new bucket list.  At one point in the trip a massive group of over 500 dolphins converged on them and surrounded their ship.  They were swimming alongside the boat and arching up out of the water.  There were only dolphins for a far as one could see.  Amazing!

Today we went to a new museum:  the Contemporary Museum of Indigenous Art.  As many may know, I'm not a big museum person, but this art was really wonderful.  There were wooden panthers, ceramic vases, tiny, intricate bead work, embroidery and textiles.  The colors and patterns were beautiful and we all really enjoyed it.  There was a little terrace cafe on the roof of the museum where we stopped for coffee.  I had the most delicious drink - it was Agua Fresca with pineapple and mint.  I think that might have to replace my standard order of Jugo de Zanahoria!

Since both Emil (who works for the IMF)and Fred are economists with copious experience in the field of taxes at lunch today, I asked about our taxes and whether Trump was going to improve things.  I tried to follow it all but I'm afraid I am unable to replicate it for this blog.  I did learn the difference between the marginal tax rate and the average tax rate which apparently is very important to know!!    Judy has a PHD in mathematics and has just recently retired from the National Science Foundation.  Fred and Loren were asking her questions about whole numbers and geometry and equations.  It was during this discussion that I politely excused myself saying the pool was calling me!!

Fred and Kat's daughter and grand daughter arrive this afternoon which will bring yet another dimension to our group - and the richness of our experience continues.

The topic of technology came up in our discussion as we plied Annie with questions about what she and her friends were using.  Snap Chat and Instagram seemed to be the favored apps.  She said friends she knew on the West Coast used Twitter but that wasn't very popular in the Chicago area.  It's interesting to think some of these "fads" are geographic.  Another interesting thing Annie shared was about Facebook.  She and her friends don't use Facebook on a daily basis, but colleges have Facebook pages.  So when you finally decide which college you want to attend, you can go to their Facebook page and see the entering Freshman class.  If you play field hockey, for instance, you might check out others who also play field hockey and begin to chat with them and that is how you find a roommate- Fascinating!!

Speaking of technology, many here have read Thomas Friedman's new book, Thank You For Being Late where he says that 2007 was a banner year:  The iPhone came out, Facebook went from the college campus to the global world, air B&B was started among others.  Isn't it amazing to think that that was only ten years ago?  And now it is totally ubiquitous!!

All for now-  Hasta luego.

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