Saturday, February 16, 2013

Still Down but not Out!

We are still feeling lousy.  I was saying to Loren that when you're healthy, you can at least dupe yourself in to thinking you're young;  but when you get sick you just feel old, old, old!

But if we have to be sick, this is a heavenly place to be.  We did try to rally yesterday, getting in a cab and driving through the old town and out to the "Riviera" part where a lot of the high rise condominiums are along the Bay.  We were told that Puerto Vallarta Bay is the largest bay in Mexico and the second largest Bay in the world.  When I asked what the largest was, our guide said he thought it was somewhere in the Caribbean.  Any guesses?

(I just "googled" the largest bay and got The Bay of Bengal in India for the largest water content or the Hudson Bay in Canada for the largest shoreline.  No mention of the Bay of PV!!)

We are way up on the top of a high hill, but not far from the old town that lies below us.  There is a boardwalk opened only to pedestrians along the bay with shops and restaurants and La Mercado.  It is quite charming: clean with fairly wide sidewalks.  We are hoping to get down there today and walk around a little... we'll see.

Lest you feel too sorry for us being sick and all, I will show you some pictures of where we are and you might not be so sad for us!!

This is an infinity pool that is built on the side of the mountain and the water falls right over the edge of the hillside.  It's amazing.

These shots are of another pool area just in front of our unit.

Note the places embedded in the pool where people can lie down!
The flowers are a bloom- although there are many more flowers in Cuernavaca than here,

This is our condominium unit- It goes up 8 floors - we are on the ground floor.

Out to dinner at the River Cafe with Marilyn and Dick Bromley.  Dick used to work in Fred's law firm.


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Unknown said...

The contrast between the Paradise you're in and your health is so reminescent of how I felt on the Road Scholar Paris trip-- sick sick and yet in... Paris! another form of urban "paradise."

So like me, you do what you can do, and somehow "hold" the disappointment and the fantastic setting you're in -- both the condo and the vistas.

I will hope for you that you both get well soon! Meanwhile, try to be philosphical... which it sounds like you're doing! hugs, Arlene