Thursday, February 14, 2013


Our plans met an unexpected bump... both Loren and I got the flu just two days before we were planning to leave:  body aches, head throbbing, temperatures- ugh!  On Tuesday, Loren went to the doctor and got some medicine;  I was feeling a bit better.  I did call United to see if we might change our reservation for the next day and it would have cost us $594.00 MORE...EACH - that's in addition to the $530.00 we spent on the reservation in the first place...  I told Loren I could take better care of him in the warm sun, so on Wednesday we packed up and left.

The plane ride didn't help matters- it was freezing at first, then got incredibly hot and stuffy.  It was only a 3 1/2 hour flight, but we both got off the plane exhausted and glassy-eyed.  We asked our taxi driver if he could stop at a grocery store so we could pick up some things, and guess where we ended up????  A Super Walmart!!  We don't have Walmart in San Francisco, so I thought it was so ironic that one of our first Walmart experiences as in Mexico!  Anyway, we got some OJ, yogurt, coffee, bananas, coke, sweet rolls, and cheese and crackers.

The good news is this place is incredible - very upscale living with every amenity you could want.  The wall in the living area is solid glass that accordions open all the way, so in the daytime it is like we are outside.  Right in front of our place is a garden and a beautiful pool.  It is on the top of a very steep hill and overlooks the bay with beautiful views.

The view from dining room towards the kitchen

The view looking out the glass doors

The pool and view of the Bay in the distance

Taken from outside on the patio looking in

One of the outside sitting areas

We are supposed to have dinner with an ex-law partner of Fred's (Loren's brother). We plan to lay low today, and I may see if the Bromley's can change our dinner date for tomorrow night.


aware said...

What a great, well earned rest. No better cure for the flu than a pitcher of Margaritas!

Glorita Jucá said...

Hope you and Loren get over the flu soon. It looks like a luxury apartment! Is the patio private or open to other guests? Same question regarding pool. What floor are you at?
Enjoy and have fun. Will love your posts!

Essie said...

So sorry to hear about your illness/travel ordeal, but impressed that you stuck it out. I'm sure it was the right decision and by the time you read this both will be feeling better...such a lovely setting. xo