Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Day Has Dawned!

Today was the first day since I arrived that I woke up without a pounding headache!  Yeah!!!  We are both definitely on the mend and actually sat outside on the veranda this morning and had yogurt and a sweet roll - our first meal we've shared together in our condo!  We still plan to take it easy.  We'll probably go down and walk around the old town and then we want to make reservations at a restaurant that has been highly recommended.

As for yesterday, our big excursion was to go get some pesos!  So we took a cab downtown to a Banco Santander (where we don't get charged for the exchange rate with BofA).  After we got our money, we walked along the boardwalk.  It was quite fun, and I was amazed at all the art along the way.  We tired quickly and decided to take a cab to a restaurant called Joe Jack's Fish Shack.  Joe Jack was a one time partner and chef at Luna Park in San Francisco, and his restaurant came with high acclaim for fresh fish and exotic drinks.

The word was obviously out as there was at least a 20 minute wait for a table.  That was fine as almost all the patrons were Americans or Canadians and we sat on the curbside with exotic drinks in hand in the balmy evening breeze and had some fun conversations.  A Canadian couple had been coming to PV for years.  Last year they decided to try Boca Raton, but they found the restaurants and beaches very crowded and they needed a car which they didn't like.  So they came back to PV.  Others were from Michigan and Minnesota.

We weren't terribly hungry, but my fish tacos were excellent.  I brought most of it home...I wonder if it will taste alright for lunch?

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

This is the boardwalk that goes for several miles along the bay.

There are art sculptures all along the way.

This is actually a sand sculpture.  

 Here is a circle of sculptures all of which are chairs for people to sit upon!  The tall ones in the background are also seats.

This was one of my favorites.

Men, dressed in native costumes, climbed this pole, played drums on top for a while and then flew downwards on ropes!

Here we are enjoying our fish taco and fish and chips at Joe Jack's Fish Shack!


Anonymous said...

Shirley Benz has sent you a comment:

in old town, have you seen Los Arcos hotel? If not we stayed in new town on last trip-Sheraton on hotel strip before that.

Glorita Jucá said...

Lovely sidewalk and sculptures!Glad that you both are feeling almost back to normal. Try not to get Montezuma's curse or whatever it is called! You're wearing long sleeves, how is the weather? Is it the high season or not?
Keep the posts coming, I love to read them!

Essie said...

Share your feelings about feeling healthy and deluding ourselves into thinking we're young...glad to see photo of you both looking like you feel better...thinking it looks to be a marvelous place to recover...enjoy.