Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Las Mananitas

 Another beautiful day in Cuernavaca.  It was the last day that Sara and the children would be here, so we decided to go to the famous Las Mananitas where the children love to see all the beautiful birds roaming free on the grounds.  If anyone has ever visited Cuernavaca, it is for sure that they have gone to Las Mananitas.  It is a hotel with a lovely outdoor dining area.  Many people, like us, just go for a drink and to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful grounds and watch the birds.  I remember Granny, my ex-husband's grandmother, telling me that she came and stayed at Las Mananitas during her honeymoon - and that was many moons ago.  My friend, Emmy, tells me when she and her family were staying in Mexico City, they took a day trip to Cuernavaca and brought the children to Las Mananitas.

Parrots perch on branches

Toucans sit in cages and squawk
and an assortment of birds roam the grounds freely.

But the big attraction are the peacocks that strut around proudly.

There is even a magnificent white peacock who looks like something out of an enchanted land.

 Every year I take a picture of the group at Las Mananitas.  I have eighteen pictures, and we haven't changed a bit over the years! ...Although I do believe the margaritas have gotten stronger!

Sara and the children left the following morning, and peace fell on the hacienda.  We all miss the chatter and excitement, but the tranquility is also welcome.  As we watched the sun set over the pool, I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude.  We certainly are blessed with a beautiful life.

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