Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cuernavaca Calisthenics!

I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our Cuernavaca Fitness Class that was established on day one!  We arrived the evening of February 14th - Valentine's Day.  The dining room table was set formally with roses and candles and in front of every woman's place was a long tubular gift wrapped in festive paper.  When we opened them we were surprised to find a solid rubber tube - a gift from Judy Munson!  It had the words "THERABAND/FLEXBAR" written across it.  Judy told us she would show us how it worked the next day after breakfast.

The next morning after breakfast, five ladies gathered on the veranda and Judy, in her calm quiet, peaceful voice led us in exercises using our new Valentine's gift and then moved us on to work with scarves followed by some yoga poses and stretches.  Judy had a knack of making even a reluctant participator like me feel as if I were doing a great job.  We did these exercises every morning for a week, and it got to be something I began looking forward to; it was even kind of fun.

After a week, our core group was down to two:  Kat and me!!  Kat, who will turn 90 this year, was the instigator.  She was the one who showed up after breakfast and said, "Come on, Nancy, it's time for our exercises."  We took turns counting to ten and then back again.  I kind of led the scarf exercises, and Kat took over for the Yoga poses and stretches.  Whenever we needed a rest we called out, "Mountain Pose" (something Judy had taught us) and we stopped to take some deep breathes.

Then Jan joined us;  first just to watch, but then, on her second day here she brought her scarf and was swaying and stretching right along with us.

Now the big question is will I continue to do these when I get home without Judy's calming voice or Kat exhorting me to do them?  I hope so!


Essie said...

Yes! I love this. We'll be sturdy and supple into our 90s, just like your friend Kat. Love rock pose...but especially child's pose...have you learned that one?

Happy Birth Day to the mother of a smart, talented, always-entertaining of our absolute favorite 'additional' children, born on what I assume was a cold day in CT to a mother with similar qualities and more! ��


Unknown said...

I just found your blog again! - it is so much fun to read about all you are doing and all of your discussions in Mexico. I know that time in Mexico with family was one of the things my parents really cherished. They are their in spirit!

Keep writing - I will keep reading!
Doug Hickman