Friday, July 6, 2007


Well, I think it's all up and running. You can now leave a message and then just click if you want to get back to my webpage. I am new to blogs, but I think they might be very handy for all of us to begin sharing our ideas. For beginners... let me know what you think of my website and give me suggestions as to how I might make it better.


Unknown said...

Wow, Nancy! You are embarking on a creative quest of life! And so far it has taken you to your gym.

nanwebware said...

Yes! I am doing a thirty minute lap of 15 different machines - three times a week. Watch out world!

Anonymous said...

hi! love the blog

Anonymous said...

Nancy, have you googled nanwebware? Lots there...

Juliana Vasconcellos said...

Hi Nancy,
I loved your website and will write to you soon. Still thinking about Ng'ambo...
love you

Anonymous said...

Dear Nance, As an initiate to blog sites (this is the first one I have ever been on), I think yours is terrific!! I love the piece you wrote about time; it's right on target. Congratulatons! XO, C.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, It was great seeing you again!! Larry was stunned to see you!! You made his day. The Karaoke was fantastic and the look on your face when the crazy Stefan suggested the two of you do a BJ was hysterical!! Hope you enjoyed!

We are looking forward to celebrating his 60th in Hawaii, hope we can make it happen I would love to meet Carol.

What an amazing website, seems you are off to a great retirement!!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Ware,

We here at Castilleja all miss you. Due to your excellent teaching and guidance, we have all "evolved listening louder." (Hayden poem) and have continued to write and read English in different ways. I hope that your retirement is going well and that you are enjoying yourself.

There will be a wordless day

when we may all wash off the dust and grime that has found its home inside of our very minds.

It will be like the meadows after a fresh rain,

wet and joyous,

ready to host new life.

The mountains, tall and strong, dominating the landscape,

shall bow to us for once,

and the trees will all sway in our presence.

We all hold storms within our gates, and vast oceans in our minds.

Release them and the world will breathe a new breath of life.

Until then, we will be forced to sit and wait under the dusty surface that is